Welcome to NG-IT

NG-IT is a company dedicated to meet the data storage, management, and virtualisation needs of today’s business environment. Instead of taking legacy ideas, systems, processes and technologies, we deliver an exceptional experience around the understanding, design, deployment and management of data centre solutions.

We are able to provide our customers with a full end to end service, from assessment, design, implementation, testing, through to data migration, acceptance testing and support.



Introduction to SmartStack

Olly Haywood, Solutions Architect at NG-IT walks through the components that make up the SmartStack in an easy to understand video that won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Managing UCS – Service Profiles

In this video, we run through deploying a Service Profile on a Cisco UCS mini. The profile is the personality for a blade that forms the basis for the innovative stateless architecture.

VMware vCenter Server Appliance Install

In this video, we run through how to deploy VMware vCenter Server Appliance in less than 10 minutes.

Nimble Storage VMware NCM Install

We show how easily and quickly you can install the VMware NCM on your ESX hosts. We demonstrate the direct VIB installation via the file and from the Nimble Storage online web repository, but if you have VMware Update Manager, this is also a viable option.

Nimble Storage Windows Integration Kit Install

Today we demonstrate how to install the Nimble Storage Integration kit to your Windows 2008 or 2012 Servers. It includes the Nimble Connection Manager, VSS Drivers and Nimble Protection Manager.

Nimble Storage vCenter Plugin

NG-IT Nimble Storage vCenter plugin demo showing deployment, cloning, resizing of datastores and interface.

Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Technical Deep Dive with Devin Hamilton

Director of Storage Architects Devin Hamilton provides and in-depth overview of Nimble Storage’s core technology.

Nimble Storage SmartStack for Oracle with Cisco UCS

Nimble Storage SmartStack solutions provide pre-validated reference architectures for Oracle deployments, with Cisco UCS infrastructure. Bruno Messina from Cisco and Ibby Rahmani from Nimble Storage describe the joint solution in this recorded webinar.

VMware VVols Integration with Nimble Storage – Technical Deep Dive and Demo

A technical look at VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols), how they work, and how Nimble Storage provides free labs and working modules to customers and partners. A demo of the free labs is included in the presentation.

Tech Preview: Nimble Storage and Cisco UCS Director Integration

A technical preview of new functionality in Nimble Storage and Cisco UCS Director integration, showcasing end-to-end infrastructure-level orchestration with “click ‘n drop” workflow designer.

Nimble Storage Performance Correlation Analysis Demo

Gim Mahasintunan, Principal Engineer, demonstrates Nimble Storage’s Performance Correlation Analysis.

Nimble Storage Data Protection Overview

Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform features innovative snapshot-based data protection and disaster recovery. Learn how you can use Nimble Storage snapshots to cost-effectively meet aggressive data protection and disaster recovery requirements for your critical applications.

Highly Available NFS File Sharing with Nimble Storage – vSphere Virtualized Setup Demo

Setup demonstration of a NFS server virtualized on VMware vSphere backed by Nimble volumes (VMFS and in-guest mounted iSCSI volumes), providing a highly available NFS file sharing solution with good performance.

NetBackup Snapshot Client with Nimble Storage, with Product Demos

Learn about the Nimble Storage VSS hardware provider and how to configure it for fast backups with the NetBackup Snapshot Client. 3 product demos are included.

Virtual Volumes: Architecture

Learn about the Nimble Storage VSS hardware provider and how to configure it for fast backups with the NetBackup Snapshot Client. 3 product demos are included.