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NG-IT is a company dedicated to meet the data storage, management, and virtualisation needs of today’s business environment. Instead of taking legacy ideas, systems, processes and technologies, we deliver an exceptional experience around the understanding, design, deployment and management of data centre solutions.

We are able to provide our customers with a full end to end service, from assessment, design, implementation, testing, through to data migration, acceptance testing and support.



Converged infrastructure building blocks for Oracle Database

Nimble SmartStack for Oracle is a pre-validated converged infrastructure, which is based on an Oracle Validated Configuration that includes Oracle Database and Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. Furthermore, the Nimble Storage CS-Series is certified with Oracle VM.

Speed up production deployments of Oracle Database

Leverage pre-defined settings for optimal performance and data protection—without needing to manually set or tune parameters.

Maximize storage utilization and efficiency to control costs

Store Oracle Database, as well as application and end-user data, in the same space with inline universal compression and other efficiency features.

Get the random storage I/O performance that Oracle Database (OLTP and OLAP) demands

Achieve high throughput at sub-millisecond latencies for random reads and writes to storage, with dynamic caching of active data and a write-optimized data layout.

Scale-to-fit storage performance and capacity can meet Oracle Database growth

Grow storage capacity, increase storage throughput and IOPS, and handle larger amounts of active data without disruption by independently scaling compute, cache, or capacity, or by scaling out.

Eliminate backup windows and achieve a higher level of protection

Nimble Storage snapshot provides instant and inexpensive data protection, allowing RMAN offline backups to be offloaded to a non-production server.

Create instant test/development environments

Create clones of golden Oracle Database in seconds by leverage zero-copy cloning and rapidly provision individual developers with their own development environment with full functioning clones of the production database.

Deploy affordable disaster recovery

Efficiently replicate data locally or over the WAN to a secondary system; accelerate disaster recovery and failover; perform non-disruptive disaster recovery tests by creating zero-copy clones on the secondary system.

Gain true operational efficiency across the entire storage lifecycle to improve IT productivity

Benefit from InfoSight, the data sciences-based customer support portal with cloud-based monitoring, capacity forecasting, performance recommendations, proactive alerting, and automated case creation.

Keep your Oracle Database up and running through software, performance, and capacity upgrades

Reduce planned downtime with Nimble’s non-disruptive upgrades and highly available controllers.


SmartStack from NG-IT Ten Reasons to Choose Nimble Storage for Oracle

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