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NG-IT is a company dedicated to meet the data storage, management, and virtualisation needs of today’s business environment. Instead of taking legacy ideas, systems, processes and technologies, we deliver an exceptional experience around the understanding, design, deployment and management of data centre solutions.

We are able to provide our customers with a full end to end service, from assessment, design, implementation, testing, through to data migration, acceptance testing and support.



Reduced Complexity

In the past, you deployed infrastructure in applications tiers and silos to support the unique characteristics and requirements of business-critical applications. Today, with SmartStack, you can support enterprise-wide applications and workloads within the same integrated infrastructure solution. This effectively eliminates the complexities of siloed architectures and dramatically reduces both cost and complexity while optimizing application performance. SmartStack is unified, integrated infrastructure that enables you to create pools of resources that can be deployed on the fly and in alignment with changing application demands, further reducing cost and complexity and ultimately making your business more responsive and agile.

Reduced Risk with Pre-validated Solutions

Nimble and Cisco have performed extensive testing across a broad range of business applications and workloads to create reference architectures using industry best practices. These pre-validated reference architectures provide easy-to-follow blueprints to ensure the successful deployment in a fraction of the time of legacy siloed architectures. Upon deployment, you will have a configuration fully optimized for your workload.

Unified Management

SmartStack can be managed through a single pane of glass that provides comprehensive infrastructure orchestration and management: Cisco UCS Director. Unified management helps lower OpEx by automating routine tasks, effectively freeing administrators from the constraints of labor-intensive manual configuration and management. Nimble Storage InfoSight™ storage management, an integral part of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform, helps ensure peak health of your Nimble storage infrastructure by proactively identifying problems, and offering actionable solutions — all in real time. Nimble InfoSight provides intelligence to help you deploy the right balance of enterprise storage resources — dynamically and intelligently — to meet the changing demands of business-critical applications.

    IT organizations are straddled with cost and complexity which stifles innovation and
    creates two key challenges:

  • Costly over-provisioning that worsens as workload demands increase.
  • Increased challenges in establishing and maintaining service level agreements for business-critical workloads.

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